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        3. 911 series of adhesives
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          1, 911 series of adhesives are chloroprene rubber room temperature curing adhesive, the product has a high initial viscosity, long-term to maintain excellent adhesion, while anti-aging, chemical resistance, film soft and so on

              911-1 type for general shoes, shoes soles and vamps of the adhesive.
              911-2 type one-component adhesive glass and ceramic, wood, cotton and other items.
              Type 911-3 Adhesive Fitting Brassin Adhesive.
              911-4 type primer treatment agent.

          Second, 971 series of adhesive is a natural rubber, polyvinyl alcohol high-strength polymer as the main body, made of adhesive.

              971-1 type of application in the footwear industry stretched last, sticky bottom, stubble and so on.
              971-2 type can be used for floor glue, construction glue and so on.

          Third, the use of Introduction:

              A: can be 3 to 5% by adding Lectra or other suitable cross-linking agent, after the end of 2 hours to run out, type 3, 4 type of rubber and plastic parts can be used as a single component.
              B: mainly for cold adhesive shoes, shoes and some rubber and plastic shoes to help the surface and the adhesion between the soles.
              C: the surface of the first sticky hair, wipe, and then paste twice, the appropriate compaction after 24 hours after room temperature can be used, dry temperature 45 ~ 50 .

          Fourth, storage and transportation matters:

              A: This product storage and transportation according to the provisions of flammable materials.
              B: packaging drum should be kept well sealed, frozen when available 35 ~ 45 can still be used after the normal use.
              C: This product from the date of production, storage period of six months (more than the storage period after re-inspection can still be normal use).