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        3. Flame Retardant FR-101
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          Flame Retardant FR-101 is a mixed solution of organic compound methyl phosphonate, which has high phosphorus content, low viscosity and excellent flame retardancy. It is widely used in polyurethane, unsaturated polyester resin, epoxy resin , Furan resin and other polymer materials, add more than other flame retardants less than 5%, products of self-extinguishing, plasticity, UV stability, drainage and antistatic properties are better than other flame retardants, with In the foam-type plastic does not affect the foam foaming performance, for transparent products can increase its transparency. In addition, FR-101 can also be used for organic synthesis intermediates, rare metal extractants, gasoline preheat additives, stabilizers, low temperature liquid additives and plant growth regulators.
          Product performance:
          Appearance                         colorless transparent liquid
          Chroma                         10
          Acid value                         0.1
          Water                         0.1
          Phosphorus content                         14%
          The proportion of                         1.15-1.23 (25 )